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    • This Week at the Movies
      This is not a strong week at the movies. We get some fond and not so fond Jr. High School memories with Diary of a Wimpy kid, the slasher/sci-fi Repo Men, and The Bounty Hunter which is passable at best. The best thing about this week is the release of the teaser trailer for Predators, which you can watch here.
    • A car that runs on coffee?
      This Car Runs on Coffee, in the Name of Science - Isn't gas cheaper than coffee
    • GamezNutz Top 10 Hottest Game Chicks
      This is the latest of our favorite game girls. Disagree? Then vote for your favorite and we will see where it ends up...
    • Steve Nash is a Ridiculous Man
      Hilarious ad for Vitamin Water featuring the Phoenix Suns Steve Nash.
    • New multi-player games
      Check it out, new multi-player gaming on GamezNutz.com. You can even win real money...
    • Sexy Mermaid
      Sexy Mermaid Wallpaper - Make your desktop smile.
    • Amazing Video - Tribute to Michael Jackson
      Great video from the group Bounce and Friends featuring an amazing 300 dancer public Flashmob tribute to Michael Jackson.
    • Strange Days on the Airwaves
      What a strange television season 2009-2010 is turning out to be! All previous conventions have been thrown out the window: reruns are pretty much nonexistent; one reality cycle ends and the next one begins immediately (So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor and The Biggest Loser for example); new shows were introduced in January (Human Target, The Deep End); s […]
    • Marc Webb Chosen To Direct Spider Man 4
      Marc Webb, the director of the Golden Globe nominated Best Picture (500) Days of Summer, will direct the next chapter in the Spider-Man franchise, set to hit theaters summer 2012, it was jointly announced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.
    • Late Night TV Smackdown - TV Bites
      I'm not much of a late-night talk show watcher, but I'm most intrigued by the brouhaha caused by the failure of Jay Leno's 10 pm talk show. It's been a long time since there's been such a ruckus over a show and NBC is not handling it well as it tries to save face. As this is written, nothing has been confirmed, but the rumor is that […]
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Should Apple be more open? cdixon.org – Chris Dixon’s blog

Interesting read about being open and the effect that may have on Apple re the iPad

Should Apple be more open?

January 28th, 2010 | economics, strategy, tech companies

It is almost religious orthodoxy in the tech community that “open” is better than “closed.” For example, there have widespread complaints about Apple’s “closed” iPhone app approval process. People also argue Apple is making the same strategic mistake all over again versus Android that it made versus Windows*. The belief is that Android will eventually beat the iPhone OS with an “open” strategy (hardware-agnostic, no app approval process) just as Windows beat Apple’s OS in the 90’s

Should Apple be more open? cdixon.org – Chris Dixon’s blog

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